Monday, July 20, 2009

Everything sounds better in Autotune..

In more Productive notes:
I've been getting approached alot by people who songwrite or want to succesfully songwrite on a major scale and would like to collaborate with me in order to pitch ideas to artist and labels, ah la, Dream and Tricky, Keri and Po Low, Neyo and Stargate, and so forth...
I am completly open to working with people who are 100% focused on's not a hobby for me, or Def...So if that is what your interest is..and you have ideas, feel free to email me @ or hit up Def.
Also, I make music every If your not practicing your craft routinely, you might want to think about the seriousness of it to you.

PS: Everybody can't be a rapper...let alone a succesful one.

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