Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Timbo the King

Timbaland is definitly in my top 5 producers all time(think of all the early Aaliyah/Ginuwine/Missy)...Neptunes r in there.....Quincy.....Premo....no particular order...
What's funny is Ye and Dre might not even be in my top 8 producers....yea i kno..
but when u consider guys like Teddy Riley (before you hate on him, please note : Pharrell and Tim did come from under his wing....then think Guy, Blackstreet, Even some of MJ's hits)
I know this guy hasnt been around as long as those other vets, but Just Blaze circa Dynasty/Blueprint..(U dont know/Girls Girls Girls/Song cry/Oh Boy/Hovi Baby/Pump it Up)
Dj Quik circa Rhythamalism.....Im taking everything off that album vs Ye's production...only 1 I'd say would match it is Late Registration...and Im a Ye fan.
Dre's the better engineer...he makes piano's and big drums sound HUGE...

also check out that song @ the end of the vid..people forget they was all dissing in that track....Nelly F vs Fergie...Tim vs Stortch....JT vs Prince....

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