Friday, July 17, 2009

Jeffery Atkins Returns

Ja Rule-The Rule Is Back Interview Pt.1

I'm sure @ some point when i was younger i danced to some of his hits...but im just not getting his phsycy rite now. Like, why are you still doing this? got bread right? so why?....Nobody's looking for another Ja LP. And what really bothers me, is the part in the interview where he says I made tracks goin @ 50 too....
Like, I dont think he knows he lost..
Somewhere deep down inside he does...but on the get this interview.
And of course, he wants to bring back Ja Rule the street rapper....Word?...
Whats up with the old cats, like, put the young cats on...the ones that remind you of them...
Dont oversaturate us with you. Go A&R or produce or something, you can't honestly think people are gonna believe you are thuggin' and killing niggas @ 40 and then coming back and making records about it?
Who cares if you sang and made melodies, good music is good music...just make good music!

just low-key realized I was venting lol

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panguin0 said...

LOL! Ja is trying. I cant be mad at him. He should really let that 50 beef go though. Like 4real 4real. Who knows maybe he'll come back out with some...IDK. Nevermind. I c wat ur saying. LOL!

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