Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just A Reminder!

A Brand New Flier from The Local Tourist Supplier!!!

Shouts 2 every sponsor and every artist in the Line Up (Myself,Dom Kennedy,cARTer,Rob Roy and 100000 Dj's all spinning dope sh*t)
This show has me Antsy
I will be Coming through with my band The Tomorrow Experience
expect nothing but the fresh...
Its a 18 and over show (how many people under 18 read this blog?)
sooo EVERY single person I know or is reading this is invited and should be there
ANOTHER big reminder is to leave with a copy of my first genre bending album called
"Something." with 2 extra bonus songs
for JUST a 2 dollar donation please bring a usb/thumb drive!
exhibit A)

Cant beat that!
I encourage you 2 bootleg it 2 your friends I dont mind.
Coachella in 2013!!


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