Monday, April 27, 2009

Lite TV Episode 5 Starring Duece & I

*Siiigh* 4 those that don't know I had my license suspended last year around May due to 6 to many tickets in 2 years... The last ticket that put me over my limit I got was due to making a left turn when on Highland & Wilshire not seeing the sign because of the trees looking like the damn Giving Tree and pulling into El Pollo Loco...BOOM Flashing Lights!!!! Well my boy Lite taped the whole thing on his camera incognegro steeze. Enjoy the misery.....Honestly this still isnt funny 2 me.
(Maybe A lil)
Say it with me now
F*ck The Police!!!!!!!!!!!



West Koasta Nostra said...

i got scared just watching this. i was like..whoooa man scary shit. that pig was an ASSHOLE!

Phazze said...

pigs are funny as shit... "yea, you made a negotiated left hand turn here...."

Negotiated left hand turn....
really my nigga...

U don't negotiate a turn, u just do it!