Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"On" Radio: Blu - LoveLine(s)

"Lying yes
like a lioness
mane tamed
maintained bare frame
Under the summer dress tasting like rain
Spring and December when I entered
stolen pictures
posing pain
open 2 it
but he blew it
vice versa
I might church her
worshiping the first bit of bliss
abyss is
similar 2 this"

Sorry I had 2 quote that entire thing
listening 2 Blu makes me want 2 rap EVERY time I hear dude
anyway this joint will be on Exile's Radio project
and Look 4 it on my Upcoming Mix cd called "Loose Change Vol.3:Love Sold Seperately"
This is a song you can get lost in.

Download Here: Blu - LoveLine(s)


1 comment:

hollyvinyl said...

That song is DO-pe!