Friday, April 3, 2009

"On" Radio: Def Sound - Pocket Full of Dreams (Snippet)

Def Sound is a REALLY weird rapper who thinks he's a poet
who records incomplete songs
and puts them out on his REALLY long named blog
and sets no trends,
makes song about nothing because its easy,
has no bars,
breaks no ground,
is really just trying 2 make what everyone else is already making and pass it off as new
In fact by the end of the year he thinks he will have 2 new Mixtapes out
one called "Loose Change Vol.3: Love Sold Separately" and "The Same Mixtape the Mixtape"
Both will be wack
and is REALLY Sarcastic.
Hope you guys hate this song as much as I do!

Don't Download Here: Def Sound - Pocket Full of Dreams (Prod. by Everyone Hears Us aka Def Sound & Roosevelt)

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