Friday, May 15, 2009

iVentures: Mos Def LIVE @ House of Blues

Starting a new section (as always) called iVentures which are just 1st person play by plays of places I go..
I am sooo bad @ documenting myself anyway
I went with RAAD 2 see Mos Def live this past Thursday!
Mos had a cool show (a big long winded though 2 be honest)
hate that my iPhone has no zoom
it makes me look farther than I actually was!!!
I left inspired.
Download the earth quaking track "Quiet Dog"

Sidebar I ran into musical genius Dangermouse @ the Downtown Artwalk which I will post later this weekend..

Peace x Stay Tuned


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Briana Latrise (Last Name: ...TBD) said...

HOB is wack for not allowing cameras. Seriously. I need a press pass.