Thursday, May 14, 2009

SUS Man of Today!

Tyler Perry, YOUR SUS!

And for many reasons but today I'm referring to the fact that he dresses in drag to promote religion. Yes drag! Is this tactic not backwards? Whats going on in the 2000's? He sets Black people up with job positions that stereotype us (Leroy Brown).
All Tyler Perry Movies are like poorly written Bamboozled sequels(untouched by Spike Lee).
Tyler Perry will never be funny, and I can not figure out how his movies or plays got people buzzing. I remember the first time I heard of Madea, a crowd of my sisters friends were standing in my living room had just seen "diary of a mad black woman," and the kept pumping it up to be this grand showing of goodness. So when i saw it on showtime i decided to invest some time. I think i laughed in my head once the entire movie. Soon after my family gathered around to watch the was equvilant to bending my fingernails backwards and taring
my own skin off (i really hate musicals)

Ok so on sight this poster really pissed me off. All Black Panthers should be offended. This dude has the audasity to deface the beauty and significants of the Women in The Black Panther Party.Its been so many years since someone has really talked about these soldeir for self defense. Not enough people know who they are, but if you showed a real Black Panther photo to an eight yr old they'd say MADEA! (or Black man in lipstick!)

For Shame Tyler Perry!

Its seems that our generations "coon" entertainment is Black men in womens clothing. Its not until a Black male actor puts a dress on he is taken seriously(fucked up huh?). The moment he applies his first lipstick he can officially GET PAID!

In conclusion, I Royally Crown Tyler Perry a Golden SUS!

This makes me very uncomfortable.


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