Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"On" Radio: Cee-Lo - One For The Road

I have been skimming through my iTunes 4 hidden gems
this shiny lil gem is by one of my hero's Cee-Lo Green
and his ahead of its time beautifully dark first album
I have 2 quote this joint

"I have millenniums of material and rivers of rhythm
An entire ocean of emotion that's enlightening to swim in
Also a forest of feeling, beaten paths of peace
Trapped inside my silhouette I have to speak to release
Demanding more from the pen than I horde from the pen
The line between playing to win and sin is thin..."

Then there is Verse 3!

"I could take that shit all day
But if I only had sixteen more bars to live
I'd get high, and hopefully O.D. on an alternative
I'd give a dim lit dream, a colour scheme
And I'd swim for the sun (so far) no matter how impossible that may seem
I'd bury my feet in the foundation of a forest Becoming one with
everything there
I would be long. I would be right and wrong. But I'd be rare"

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Download Here: One For The Road


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