Monday, October 19, 2009

The Anything Manifesto

is an expectation of the unexpected
based on the idea of desperation
the demands
the pressure
the need
this album was a diamond
made under extreme pressure
the pure desires we have as a generation
I thought about it today I wanna write a song called "Terrible 20's"
its like the terrible two's all over again
but 4 a decade
we are under the pressure 2 be cool,be remembered,get an education,be
well read,live on our own,be sexy,be perfect, be flawed,have
money,have a career,be seen,know how 2 cook,be famous,be successful,be
someone,find someone, be married its the most human time of our lives
all in one decade
the expectations are unreal
so is the album
we are under the pressure 2 do Anything
Anything being the name of the album
the album made under expectation
its a product of its time while trying 2 be ahead of it
it will sound beautiful
its proof we are all beautiful
we are Anything
given a chance
The undiscovered
The unexplained
its so uncertain that we want it so bad
an unquenchable request
We are the possible
The Anything
we aren't what they said we are
We are Anything we decide 2 be
And I have.


"Anything." is on the way.

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