Thursday, October 22, 2009

"On" Radio: J-Live - The 4th 3rd

"Memories are that way,
that way back
2 that way back
when I could never think of you and say wack....
Sometimes I wonder if you married my replacement
Equally old with ideas adjacent
You build a whole nother story to your dream house
Kept my possessions in a box in the basement
I stil consider you a song bird, singing in the open cage
Guilded with fools gold, but that's just me
There never be no animocity, I'm thankful for the memories...."

WAY 2 Quotable
iTuned into this this morning
I know this isnt brand new
it made remember what good music felt like
The man is one of my favorite writers
never hear a song and leave uninspired
its pure poetry
so I share


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