Tuesday, October 20, 2009

(Pre)Ms. Hill

Early L-boogie footage @ the apollo. Shows that before autotune, folks (like Lauryn)actually went out and got vocal lessons to tap thier true potential, cause as you can see, she needed it....SO STOP LOOKING FOR PROGRAMS AND TAKE A VOCAL CLASSES!

The other day I was asked by a female, how do you write songs and appeal to the mass audience without being the Lil Kim-type rapper. Dully Notted, Female emcee's box themselves into being the Sex-sells rapper more so then the talented rapper. Ah la your Kim's, Foxy's, Trina's, even newcomers like Jakie 0 & Nicki Minaj. And all i can do is make reference to older female artist, like Queen Latifah and Mc Lyte. But No one stands out more then the most impressionable, Miss Lauryn Hill...though she can sing as well, She (to me) out rapped everybody in her former group. Selling sex works, no doubt in that...but being a true artist, and making songs that people can feel in thier hearts rather then in the bedroom is more acceptable to the masses. L-Boogie had a message....whats yours?

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