Friday, October 9, 2009


Shyne and Mystikal.....
In my book, underrated flow wise...granted when Shyne was out he got heckled for sounding like BIG, but really, other then a deep voice, he sounds nothing like him....he had a gritty new york sound but there was raw street visuals that stood out wen he rapped, it was grimey, he's not a punchline rapper, but he's a "say whats real" street rapper.....Comparison today: Saigon

In my book, Mystikal, SUPER UNDERATED...this guy sounds like what New orleans should sound like, Ive always liked how dude can spread a 2 bar pattern into 1 then come on the 3rd bar real slow, like with a question or a leading statement into his 4th bar which would be real loud and screaming....and it wuld feel like ur listening to a crazy person...but he was spittin.... Comparison today: Ludacris

Of course, far past thier primes, (if Shyne even had 1) probally will never get to hear the rawness of their lyrical and unpredictable skill.

Mystikal favorite: "Bouncin Back", and verse off Snoop's "Ghetto Symphony"
Shyne Favorite: "For The Record" (50 Diss)

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