Friday, March 13, 2009

Get 2 Know The Man Behind The Hair

(Photo captured by Brandon P. for cleanCUT Photo)
Welcome back
2 the only black box with my thoughts
in todays episode
I was on craigslist and I saw a job that seeked someone with a creative mind
and I said "Hey thats me!"
It went on to say if you are interested in this job please send
your contact info
a brief introductory letter
a list of at least 20 things you like. This can be ANYthing, obscure or obvious. Include links and/or attachments if you want.
at least 1 photo of yourself so I can get an idea of your personal style. You have to have good style for this job. Sorry.
your resume

so I wanted to share my 20 things with you
(feel free to comment with 10 of your favorite things)

1one. Random conversations with people I have never met but glad I did.

2wo.Poems that don't rhyme but mean so much and are so dope they don't have to.

thr33. Members Only Jackets.

4our. Music that has no genre.

5ive. Mod clothing.

6ix. Finding money in jean pockets you never knew was there.

7ven. Tofu.

ei8ht. Awkward moments where the only thing left to do is laugh

9ine. Youtube.

10en. Bright shades on dark nights.

11elvn. Music video's without the artist in them.

12welve. Great make out sessions you dont EVER want to end.

13teen. Free events.

14teen. LOOOOOng song titles.

15teen. Songs older than me.

16teen. Collectible Sneakers with a story behind their origin.

17teen. Animated cartoons made for adults. I.E. Adult Swim.

18teen. Blogs written by people you think are to busy for blogs.

19teen. Shopping for something new to wear at thrift stores.

20wenty.Girls with boy names.

Honorable mention: Twitter, Foreign Films, Seth Rogan movies, The Office, People that dont take their job 2 seriously, Fantasy Sports.


1 comment:

ELLend. said...

uno.)) staying awake into 4 in the morning and not waking up until late afternoon.

number 2.)) bringing home a fresh pair of kicks and waiting months to debut them.

tre.)) listening to simple songs with simple metaphors that have very complicated meanings.

2+2.)) making no sense at all to anyone but myself.

1/2 10.)) anything FREE.

6.)) sitting in traffic with a cup of coffee with the windows down listening to lupe fiasco.

siente.)) knowing everyone elses business.

one before 9.)) looking back years ago of how stupid i used to be, and seeing myself change.

3 squared.)) going to sleep early and waking up, still, late in the afternoon.

finale.)) searching..and never finding the answer.