Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Has Just Blaze Been Doing??

Just Blaze has been majorly low key since Kingdom Come right??
Well heres some snippets of a joint with Mos Def x Jay Electronica
I heard while surfing through The Exactly
New music is an exciting thing!!
No diss but I am glad he has moved his eggs out of just 2 main baskets Jay and Saigon.
Funny thing people seem 2 forget that Just had a blog running before they were even popular I wonder who still reads it?
And honestly RC, Belvi, Mike Nova can all testify if I would have 2 compare
where I am writing/content/concept wise the closest MC would be Mos Def right now
Not 2 toot horns but *beep*
I am stepping it up!

Download Here: "Just Blaze Snippets"


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