Thursday, March 12, 2009

"On" Radio: iFeel feat.Blu & J* Davey x Conscious Daughters

With Miss Jack Davey & Blu on one song you really cant go wrong
they make me proud of being from The City of Lost Angels
Belvi trademarked it as "Groovetastic"

Download it Here: "iFeel"

Funny thing I was on the phone with my boy Mike Nova aiming and shooting thee breeze and he heard me playing "iFeel" he was like are you listening 2 Conscious Daughters?
I was like Who??
one Youtube search later I just got hipped 2 Oakland's classic joint from the 1993 Album Funky Expedition.
I mean the name alone tells me its dopeness..
Oh and LOL @ the old school editing *BEEP*


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