Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keri Hilson & Her ?uestionable Swag

I watched this vid this morning with Brandon like wow this is why she needs Kanye in the vid, Timbaland, Polow the Don, Lil Wayne and all this push and still cant drop an album.
She's Swagless.
This is proof.
She's like that cute girl you used 2 meet in the mall and you talked 2 her like damn I got her number DOPE! Without really talking to her that long and when you called her on the phone she was VERY blah. But you kept calling back cuz she was cute.
That can only get you so far.
With Rhianna on the injured reserve this is her chance to step up take that spot.
But she wont.
LOL @ Kanye looking drunk!!


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