Friday, March 13, 2009

"On" Radio: Def Sound x The Tomorrow- Junkie (LIVE Rock Remix)

Greetings intronet heads.
Its Def
and ummmm I have been sitting on this audio since "Something." came out
WAAAAAAAY back in May of 08
I feel its finally time 2 let the idea out the bag due to the dopeness of the shows
and the boredom of the over flooding of studio music ALL over the place
I will be one of the first on my local scene to record and release not a mixtape but a live album Titled "The Natural."
Which I plan on recording in June in a loft downtown
waaay more intimate setting wouldn't you agree??
(and yes you are invited)
But for now here's a preview of the liveness with my band The Tomorrow @ The Temple Bar (Simeon Shigg on keys, Mike on guitar, Will Hawkins on bass, Kev "Roosevelt" Moore II on drums, additional vocals by Novena Carmel, Poetic, and YG)
Please mind you this was our first performance EVER as a band together
with just one rehearsal the night before.
Somethings are just Natural
Puns intended.
Enjoy and spread the word like legs....

Download Here: Def Sound - Junkie (LIVE Rock Remix)


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