Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Def Sound -Spaz! (Produced By RC) VIDEO!

Def Sound - Spaz (Produced By RC) from Def Sound on Vimeo.

The first fan made visual journey into the mind of Def Sound masterpieced together by the sounds of RC... called "Spaz" (aka Sophisticated Ignorance) featuring guest vocals by Novena Caramel from the "Something." project you have no choice but 2 love this fun experiment on your ears! This is my first vid 2 drop... The live action Lite joint E.T.L. will be out soon enough.. But I just wanted 2 say a few words about Spaz and "Something" as a whole.. It is one of the most fun songs i ever created and I am just thankful 2 have visuals that look like what I saw in my head while writing it.. I feel the genre I want 2 try and usher in is what I call Pretty Waters music like up beat thought provoking party music with a feeling and is for beautiful people of all races, sexes, and financial status with depth and enjoy hearing new ideas and dont mind thinking and are down 2 listen 2 something that doesn't insult their intelligence...Feel free 2 share this video with any and everyone. I am just making music 2 share, touch, and inspire others @ this point nothing more nothing less support it if its dope is all I ask.


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