Friday, August 21, 2009

Honestly, Nerd

Honestly, First time I heard dude was on a mixtape my long time homie since grade school gave me...Who in return told me the dude rapping was his lil brother and I should give him some tracks...up until that moment I had never heard of dude before, and really hate when cats rap over already established beats, buuut...
I took a listen and dude had BARS...the track that caught me was a track about him tryna catch fame battling different Westchester artist and even one I grew up producing for named Yadi. I felt like he wasnt as confident as most rappers I knew but he was spitting hard...very lyrical.
So after meeting him, I see how the confidence level was niched into a physical form because he was extremly humble. Although very vocal about his tribulations as a rapper, he still is the dopest "get hit by a bus rapper" that i know LOL. Fast Forward to now, He contiues to suprise me with his lyrical abilities as he climbs the ranks of tryna be heard in large depth of west coast rappers. I currently have a couple tracks in wait for his next project and he also is featured on Def Sound's (not Def sounds lol{insider}) "Out of this world track" prod by Rose, as well as Def being on a track for his project produced by me! SO be on the Look!