Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Natural!
Its the show I been waiting my entire life to do.
I am recording my entire performance with my new band (The Naturals aka The All Black Everything's)and releasing it as an album later this year
And I want you 2 be there and be on the album!!
I want you all 2 even know what songs I am doing just so you all know the words and enjoy the show and I wont just be up there looking crazy

1. Weerdo MeMix
2. iThink iLove Her Brain
3. Hands In The Air
4. Spaz (Sophisticated Ignorance)
5. Take You There
6. Junkie
7. You will just have 2 be there 2 see the rest of the set list!!

Every rehearsal with the band has felt like we are rehearsing 4 a greatest hits set!!
Honestly folks.
I wouldnt lie 2 you.... Its all ages. Dont miss this show.
Be a part of an album recording 4 the low low price tag of 5 bucks wont you?


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