Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quentin Tarantino vs Spike Lee

No offense, To all you Pulp fiction, Dusk till dawn lovers, but ive never liked a Tarantino movie, outside of Jackie Brown or Kill Bill 1..I know that may ruffle some feathers but I just dont find anything really jaw dropping about his movies...maybe cuz ima spike fan...I think its crazy some people overlook Spike Lee along the lines of Good Directors.....Malcolm X?..25th hour? She Hate me? (If you never seen the last 1, wow, its a sleeper of a story)....only 1 i can say i didnt truly care for was Miracle at St Ana, i just felt it kind of dragged a lil, but i did like the twist at the end...See Spike's Movies have twist and messages...and jazzy orchestra's and gripping stories(He Got game)..When I see Tarantino's movies, I just see lots of idk, maybe im wrong...Tell me what makes Quentin's movies have over Spike's?

sidebar: YES i know the clip i posted isnt originally @ Spike, and actually @ JJ Abrams

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