Friday, August 7, 2009

Kanye to the.......

I just wanna 1st of all say, sampling is a form of art in music. Although most may assume its just stealing or jacking loops....I wanna explain, it takes creativity to reconstruct ideas from bits and pieces, even if it is from a previous project. #1 Actually finding the sample is one of the most essential parts, because ur finding the groove and melody, (Which sometimes is popular,see"Gold Digger", and sometimes not) next is adding the DRUMS...for me, if i sample, i want my drums to either match the sample or bring it out, ie horns and so forth. Basslines and other instruments that get replayed after also includes creativity, because now ur taking that piece and taking it up a notch. So give Ye his credit, as he say's he "brough back the soul".

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