Wednesday, February 11, 2009

50 vs. Wayne?

RC: fif is crazy g
RC: lol
RC: u see the shit he did over khaleeds moms
RC: lol
Def: naaaaah
Def: whats the link
RC: its rite above the kanye shit u sent me
RC: lol
RC: lol
RC: shit is bannanaz
RC: fif is gone
RC: rick ross lost
RC: i never seen fif go this hard
Def: hey hes on some other shit
Def: I told u 50's sold his soul 2 the devil
Def: talking 2 physics
Def: hahaha
Def: hes sus
Def: hes bored cuz his music is wack... he's not a rapper he's a promotional cartoon of a cliche
RC: Lmao
Def: his mission has always been 2 distract from his music with antics
RC: naw
RC: i applaud dude
RC: he's gettin rid of Rick ross
Def: I dont care either way
Def: we do need him gone though
Def: I applauded the ja rule and fat joe oustings
RC: naw
RC: 50s battling all the niggas i dont like
RC: i fux wit him
RC: He ousted kanye's 808 joint
Def: ousting?? HA that didnt do much
Def: the world fux with ye still!
RC: he challenged Wayne
Def: Keyword challenged..he cant fuck with weezy right now G
RC: he ousted fat joe
RC: ja
Def: sorry 2 say
RC: cam
RC: ect
RC: it bigger then lyrics
Def: he cant go head 2 head with wayne
Def: right now
Def: I am no weezy fan
RC: nobody gives a fuck about lyrics except the niggas who dont buy shit
RC: Wayne owns nothing
Def: thats unfortunate 4 the world
Def: but people love wayne
RC: Wayne can lyrically fuck wit 50
RC: yea all day
Def: 50 is a side show in this music shit
Def: like he aint @ the grammys
RC: but hip hop isnt about that anymore
Def: when last he even perform there
Def: he aint on espn
RC: 50 could buy Cash money!
Def: he should
Def: they will tank like g unit
Def: lol
RC: r u fuckin serious.....of course wayne is on espn
RC: hes hot rite now
RC: Wayne been out for yeeeeeeeeeeears
RC: he jus got hot
RC: niggas forget that
RC: nobody cares bout lyrics
RC: not in todays times
Def: I am not a wayne fan
Def: but if theres one person 50 aint ousting its wayne
Def: amillie is lyrics! i can admit that...
RC: I like wayne........but he cant get @ fif on sum battlin shit...
Def: why did people love that shit soooo much
Def: ?
RC: amillie is a beat!!!
RC: the beat sold it
Def: he cant get rid of 50
Def: but 50 cant get rid of wayne either
RC: tHank u
RC: thats my point he cant get rid of fif
Def: he can attack wayne personally
RC: buuuuuuuuuuut if fif got at Wayne personally?!?!?!?!
Def: he got pics of kissing niggas
Def: His career's pretty healthy currently..What more can you say about him it dont matter
RC: his career wuld be over
Def: people love wayne right now... attacking him personally is beating a dead horse
Def: period
Def: what more can he say that aint been said by gillie and the clipse and the world? he called himself a venereal disease thats no compliment
RC: People dont know what wayne does
RC: he can be exposed
RC: the shoting himself
Def: 50 is just a bully lookin 4 attention
RC: So be it
Def: Bottom line is the game is passing 50 by
RC: but he checks niggas
Def: I want them 2 catch beef
Def: it would be great I am not a fan of either..
RC: and i respect that...
Def: beef is played out
Def: just like 50
Def: he cant beat kanye in a head 2 head sales
RC: i respect a dude who sees wack shit, fake shit, and ousted it
Def: isnt sales his bread and butter?
Def: he sure as fuck cant beat wayne either right now
Def: Truth be told I just fuckin hate 50 dawg no matter what hes a piece of shit
RC: that was a hater statement lol
Def: he is
Def: hes not a dope human @ all.. burning ya baby mama's house down to avoid child support.. Scum.
RC: u cant say he's smart at all
RC: ?
Def: a piece of shit can do math problems I am sure
Def: lol
RC: lol
RC: lol
RC: lol
RC: lol
Def: hitler was brilliant
RC: ur a fool
Def: still a piece of shit
RC: U can always learn somethin from people u dont like
RC: not just negative shit
Def: He can keep them piece of shit lessons.
RC: ur funny though!

-Def & RC

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