Monday, February 9, 2009

Steve Jobs Killed Hip Hop.

Steve Jobs, Apple, the iPod and the iTunes Music Store are definitely riding high. With over 3 million songs sold every day from the iTunes Music Store and over 32 million iPods sold in 2005 alone.
With that said I love Apple and iTunes but
People have been looking for the culprit who killed everyone's beloved Hip Hop
for years
This is R.C.'s theory on who did the deed,follow....

RC: Steve Jobs killed Hip Hop
Def: hahaha
Def: why u say mr. jobs killed it?
RC: Labels are forced to make ringtone song in order to make money
RC: because Itunes sells songs for 99cent.
Def: riiiight
RC: which means ur dopest rapper is forced to convert
RC: or he will never be heard
RC: all contracts and publishing is based on album points
Def: well i feel that its more than ring tones killing it
RC: well, the whole itunes situation is killing it
RC: Steve is making money, and he doesnt have anything to do with the music......its just a site
RC: thats sum of the gangsterest shit ive ever seen...
RC: he says...o u dropped ur album
RC: coo
RC: ima piece it up
RC: and sell it cheaper then u
RC: lol
Def: well the artists are making money also
RC: not as much as Steve
Def: its a great idea that isnt just profitting steve
RC: well, the average dope rapper appeals in album worth
RC: not by song
RC: think about it....ever since itunes came out...record sells dropped....
Def: the internet is waaaay more 2 blame as a whole
RC: which meant the artist lost....the producers lost....the labels lost
Def: blogs are fuckin it
Def: downloads are fuckin it up
RC: c if i had money....
RC: Id get that RIAA Protection program
RC: that doesnt allow transport of the music
RC: whats on the CD stays on cD
RC: if ur @ Jay-z status
RC: and u do that
RC: then everybody has to buy the cd
RC: becuz the program wont let u burn it
RC: and being that everybody wants the new Jay....they r going to b forced to buy it....
RC: itunes works for new artist...
Def: thats a great awesome idea
Def: it wont be as much exposure
RC: it only works if uve got the major buzz
Def: and thats what music is all about now
Def: just being out
Def: is enough 4 niggas
Def: not about record sales so much
Def: cuz no one is selling
RC: and thats wuts wack
Def: due 2 what u have been telling me I am guessing
RC: remember 99
RC: remember 94, 95
RC: the hottest of times for hip hop
Def: truth
RC: becuz...everybody owns their stuff
RC: now people freely give up they shit to steve
Def: and albums were collectors items
RC: its jus a
RC: exactly
Def: now u almost dont want the cd @ all
Def: it feels bulky
Def: lol
RC: lmao
RC: They are breaking down albums man, thats wack
Def: I am gonna post this convo G
Def: its enlightening
RC: niggas cant make money like that
RC: Lol
RC: fasho
Def: and worst of all the value of the music isnt there anymore
RC: but on the real tho, if u ever get to that point...
RC: to where u dont need i tunes....
Def: its more disposable as a file
Def: who cares about album art anymore
RC: Tru
RC: Jay doesnt fuck wit Itunes
RC: a couple other cats dont fuck wit itunes
Def: he doesnt???
RC: naw
RC: Ur doing million $ vids
RC: to get sold on itunes for 2.99
RC: lol
Def: yea doesnt seem lucrative... its turninng back into single deals like waaay back when
RC: theres no turnaround sell, ur publishing in a label contract is based off an album point
RC: producers deals ect
RC: now, u have to seperate the album
Def: how so?
RC: advances and publishin is set up off albums
RC: not Songs...
RC: albums
RC: they gotta recreate the way the music is doin biz....contract wise
RC: becuz its all off points
RC: songs = small money
RC: albums= big money
RC: thats y cats is goin the rick codero route
a niggas publishing deal average..
RC: is based off albums
RC: u getting 100 thou based off 12 songs...rite....thats how it was dun in 94 95 99....
RC: nooooooooow
RC: its like....split that 100 thou, and piece it up for each song
RC: so, now, say u onli poppin 1 song
Def: yea its alot more stressful also
Def: in the creation process
RC: u lose out on how much u wuld have made
RC: yep
Def: your not even focused on makin an album
RC: and now ur music has to focus song for song
RC: Ur soulja boi'n it at that point
RC: instead of blueprintin' it
Def: right I just need a hit
Def: instead of classic
Def: lol
RC: exactly
RC: ur hoppin to get that 100 thou, in 1 song
RC: its sus

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