Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whats Funny About This?

Nothing about this is funny
its just disturbing....
The New York Post recently published the political cartoon shown here, depicting two white police officers standing over the carcass of a bullet-riddled chimpanzee, with the animal representing the author of the stimulus package. Obama.

The decision to run this cartoon is unthinkably irresponsible
the an editor of a newspaper of this caliber would not understand the history of Black folks being depicted as monkeys and apes or the recent spate of death threats against President Obama. Worse, when confronted, Post editor Col Allan dismissed people's concerns as baseless.
There would be no need for a stimulus spackage if it werent for two terms of a white greedy president named Bush but there are no cartoons depicting him killed
or any assassination attempts on his life
the worse danger he's ever been in is a pair of loafers being thrown @ him.
The racism MUST stop we cant ignore it anymore.

By clicking the Color of Change link below you Join us in demanding that The Post issue an apology for the decision and their callousness, and fire the editor who allowed this cartoon to go to print.

Color of Change!!!



mberenis said...

Obama is a great president. His presence is impacting grants like no other president prior. Grant funding for minorities and middle class have increased nearly 10,000% in the past week.

Obama's New Grants
Largest Grant Amounts in History!

Erica-Lindsay said...

what were they thinking?? smh.

xXMarie the MistressXx said...

wtf? racism will always be around. white peeps can not hate on the fact that they can't live without us. we provided them so much through every generation. and we even tried to solve our diferences through non-violence. what the hell does white people want from us? they push a lot of races away and they won't stop hating. they're not the best race of the planet, i'm sorry. i love all races, maybe racist white people need to learn how to deal with our prescence. i'm black indian...its not up to them to move me back to africa or whereverthe indians, native americans, have migrated to.

(srry it was so long, i can go all day about racism)