Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Def Sound The Natural x Spliff Interview Part 2

Welcome to the part Dos of the Spliff Interview
OK back 2 your regularly scheduled program

What is it like performing at the Spliff/or what are you expecting out of performing at the Spliff?

Def Answer: Performing @ the Spliff back in April of 2008 was my first solo rap performance to be honest. That experience was quite crazy because I know people thought I was about to do a pretty little poem and BAM! The beat drops and I end up passing out on stage...I felt both myself and the crowd were experiencing something refreshing and brand new @ the same time. I thank Val and Verbs for giving me that shot.
I feel this time around the crowd knows all they can expect is thee unexpected from me.

Spliff: What is the Spliff crowd to you/or what would you like to get out of the Spliff crowd

Def Answer: I don't feel like I have to get anything but their attendance and open minds I will do all the giving. The Spliff crowd is a room full of gifted people donating their time and attention to something they all believe in. For free!!! Where else can you get that? I will go on record and say it should remain free it's a part of the venues entire allure where else can you see the world next whoever or whatever for free?? You can't put a price on it.

Spliff: What does the Spiff movement mean to you, LA, Hip Hop, music?

Def Answer: It means humble beginnings for many like myself it's a home for the same and the different. It's the perfect mix of fresh, free, and love for the rawest artists in Los Angeles. It's the most important venue in Los Angeles in my opinion. Maybe I am bias you gotta love home its where your heart is.

Here are a few words for you to either write a personal definition for or just write the first thing that comes to mind or how it make you feel

1.)HiP HOP

Def Answer: The voice of the misunderstood and unheard.


Def Answer:
Unlimited universal language medicine and movies we just cant see.


Def Answer: Overrated.


Def Answer: A city sooo foggy its home to a sky so full of stars there's no more sky to limit us cuz we are all already stars right? I promise to make the rest of these shorter Haha.

5.)the DJ

Def Answer: The forgotten.


Def Answer: Everything.



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