Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kanye Performinng "Stronger" from VH1 Storytellers

"Take this Haaaaters!"

And thats basically the instrustructions 4 every hater 2 follow now a days
You have no choice but 2 respect Mr. West
One of thee most present faces of whats right with Hip Hop in the 2000's
(although 4 the record I am thumbs down the mullet he's currently sporting on his dome)
Here he is performing "Stronger" on VH1 Storytellers
which airs Sunday!
If this is any indicator it should be fresh
In my boy Brandon's opinion "Stronger" is what music will sound like in 2011
sooo Yeezy was about 4 years early with this one and will continue to be @ the cutting edge of music. His battle with 50 proves it. Art always wins.



hollyvinyl said...

wish he had been that strong at the grammy's. THIS was an amazing performance piece!

Erica-Lindsay said...

he is the best performer, hands down!!