Thursday, February 26, 2009

Babies Gone Wild (and the parents that encourage them)

Juelz better watch out this young'n's got iron lungs miiight kill him in that
But seriously folks wtf is wrong with his parents letting a 2 year old get it in like this???
One of thee worst things I have seen all year hands down or up..



hollyvinyl said...

how come i'm the only one commenting?!?! every one of those "adults" should be sentenced to a life of changing bedpans.

CeCe CynthiaMarie said...

wooowwwww thats crazy. low flii im hoping its like a lil midget man who has a disorder, but i know its not. he does it just like i can imagine his dad doing it sad. i wonder how much theyl laught when they're burring a 3 year old...