Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Letter 2 Shawn.... And Others

(I'm Not Your) N.I.G.G.E.R. from IWG TV on Vimeo.

This video by Shawn Chrystopher is on just about every blog you might visit on the regular and at first glance you might think damn this video is REALLY saying something.
I wish it was.
Now before I begin my creative constructive criticism let me say I have no beef with this young man and the only reason this is being addressed is because of the many ancestors who were humiliated in the scenes shown in this video.
Thats my disclaimer that this is no diss..
But I am not just pro black call me pro facts.
I saw this video yesterday and thought hmmmmm this video is crazy but wait what does this song have to do with this video?
This is sus as f*ck.
Only the simple fact that he used a Nas beat from the song "N.I.G.G.E.R."
on which Nas killed all on his only by addressing actual racial issues gave him the right to make this the video for this song?
And yea he has the right to do that and whatevere else he wants like rap over someone elses beat who addressed the issues already
then rap about himself and the greatness he posses in his own personal opinion
and edit video footage of black face characters and actors to generate a buzz.
He's in my blog so it worked right?
Even if this was meant to be ironic or controversial the execution isnt fresh....
I applaud his attempt at saying something "important" in todays times
but thats the thing he has 2 SAY something important
not just make an offensive video for shock value or in honor of black history month
thats borderline exploitation for personal gain
these images do not honor our ancestors in any way.
This is reminding us of how we have been disgraced by America.
So why remind us of this ugliness and not address it in the music?
In a day and age of everyone wanting to be "On."
and get buzz and be known
and collabs @ an all time high
This looks more like a move to get recognized out of a crowd of rappers in Los Angeles/Inglewood than it does to address anything.
Looks more like a MOVE than a STAND.
He looks more like a Sambo than the one shown in this video.
I would have nothing to write about if he had written this song with more purpose and revolutionary vigor and insight.
I am not afraid to say yo thanks for trying.
I am thankful someone is trying.
Where is the honesty?
But even if he wrote about this video
What can you say REALLY?
Just because you watch a Spike Lee movie doesn't make this dope.
Don't disrespect your own history...
I hate 2 judge art but someone has to be responsible...
And to be considered creative you must start from a place of originality
First strike using someone else track.
I need not go any further into absence of actual lyrical content
Second strike I feel these images are almost here 2 distract from the music.
Us as artists should never forget its about your message not the pulpit you preach from...
In closing I may be wrong but I own my own opinions
No further comments.
You leave one.



merc said...

Maybe he did it to be ironic? Check this out

Brandon "Belvi" Banks said...

I loathe videos and songs like this. I hate that videos like this, and even the songs that share the topic, because they excite race frenzy. They give you a sense that as an American of African decent you need to despise and harbor resentment towards Caucasians. They don't allow you to bury the hatchet, forgive and forget, put the water under the bridge... so on and so forth. "its in the past, I'm glad, it happened and its over." - Jay-z. I hate songs like this, and even the videos that share the topic, because... well.. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Who knows you? That shit was a waste of studio time and internet space.

Brook Yung said...

When I first watched it I was confused. But after reading your insight I was appalled and confused.
I completely agree with everything you said Def. Niggas a shoot they own mama for a deal now a days. Its craaaazy. This was one of the dumbest and most disrespectful things you can do to yourself as a young black artist...

Step it up people

hollyvinyl said...

I think he should start a knitting circle with P Diddy and Soulja Boy. Now that might be time well spent.