Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Def x Spliff Interview Part 1

I wanna start off this post by saying
Thank you to each and every person who came and witness the Spliff on Friday (Feb 6th)
and took a flick with the "iListen 2 Def Sound" sign.
about a month ago they interviewed me and here it is for your viewing pleasure or displeasure whatever ya like

Spliff: How long have you been actively involved in your artistic endeavor?

Def Answer: I have been endeavoring with interest to make a world wide impact into music and poetry off and on for about 5 years.

Spliff: What pushed you to start?

Def Answer: Starting was really inspired by just my ability to write and "No Ego" (instead of "No Homo") just having fun with impressing myself with words. Its what came naturally. You will always play the game you are best at right? So I have been having fun playing with words this whole time.

Spliff: What fuels your creativity?

Def Answer: I feel my creativity is continually fueled by the knowledge there is always more. I am also fueled by conversations with people injecting me with inspiration and new ideas, because a verse is basically a really clever conversation with yourself that you let the listener ease drop on. So if all you do is talk to yourself all you are getting is your own perspective. The idea is to reach people by speaking to the people over beats and funny thing is rapping to or at them is thee most difficult way for most people to understand you. So the task is to say what's been said while saying it the new way all while being understood and that's the fun of being creative all while keeping yourself guessing I guess.

Spliff: What inspires you to keep going even through adversity?

Def Answer: I am inspired by adversity itself. If everything was perfect there would be nothing to write songs about. The best music comes from a place of pain or need for rebellion. I am also inspired by the fact that if I don't express these thoughts, ideas and god given gifts who else will? I feel responsible.

Spliff: What separates you from other local talent?

Def Answer: Well first of all my vision and thought pattern is global so being local is just a temporary condition. I feel my brand of music isn't easy to swallow just like it isn't easy to cook, even if I gave you the recipe. I am not complacent with my place until I am no longer considered local. Nothing against being local but the only way to drop that to be heard and why record it if its not meant to be heard by the entire world. Global.

Spliff: How would you explain your style as an artist??

Def Answer: My music is 4 people that don't admit that they listen 2 rap. I am just an artist from my hair to the garments I choose to grace my body to the samples I choose as my scores, its just intentional chaos. It's like your favorite thing you never seen before but is upset it took this long to get here. It is really like I am that kid that never outgrew his imagination.

Spliff: What other artists are you influenced by?

Def Answer: Currently I am influenced by Beck, Metronomy, Janelle Monae, Kanye West, Mos Def, Gnarls Barkley, Lupe Fiasco, N*E*R*D (who in my opinion had the best album of 2008), Jay-Z, The Roots, K-Os, Jay-Dee, Mark Ronson, Peter Bjorn And John, The Clipse, Hot Chip, Prince, Frank Miller (Yea I know he's a film maker but that's an art in itself), Tribe Called Quest, David Sancious, Blu, The White Stripes, Andre 3000, J*Davey, P.J. Morton Band, Justice, Pharcyde, Panic @ The Disco, Radiohead, dead prez, SA-RA and ummmm theres soooo many lets just end it with Bilal. All those artists never cease to blow my brains into smithereens.

Spliff: Are there any projects you are currently working on that you would like people to know about or have you recently completed a project that people should check out?

Def Answer: Well I released a collection of music back in May 2008 called "Something." which features production and or verses from the likes of Vann Clayton, Verbs, Mike Nova, Jimetta Rose, Airow, Three-1-Zero N/A, H.O.P.E., R.C., Novena Carmel, and Lite and more which you can download on iTunes or for the bootleggers@ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I7Y7XYUK. I am currently working on a live recording with just me and my band revisting songs from "Something." called "The Natural." and a mixtape just 4 my own fun called The Same Mixtape The Mixtape, and a follow up album titled "Anything." A more experimental BIGGER rebellious experimental sound with a more creative look at the every day things we forget exists all while you dance to the ever sooooo catchy hooks and outlandish beats. I give a taste of that feel and sound on my myspace page (myspace.com/defsound84) "Take You There" the first single from "Anything." where I rap an entire 2nd verse with no words really. Its just "Anything."

Stay Tuned 4 Part 2 Tomorrow!!


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