Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are You Artsy???

Grouch inspired me question my own Hipness or lack there of... So I asked R.C. today would it be fair or accurate for people to call me a Hipster??
RC (8:49:13 AM): i can see people saying it
RC (8:49:43 AM): but like, for me a hipster is *Bleep*, or *We aint saying no names*
def (8:49:52 AM): yeah
def (8:49:59 AM): its more of a shallow label
RC (8:51:00 AM): like....for me the word people are following them because, because they r new, and up on fashion and are jus following that vibe
RC (8:51:09 AM): to me thats what that is...
def (8:51:18 AM): yeah I thought in my mind a hipster was a modern day hippy
RC(8:51:36 AM): yea...but see i think there is a diff...
RC(8:51:48 AM): cuz De La was considered hippies
RC (8:51:52 AM): way back wen
RC (8:52:55 AM): but De La had raw talent, and the reason why they were consider hippies, was because there subject content was fun and happy, and there dress code was wierd....
RC (8:53:04 AM): Tribe used to b called Hippies
RC (8:53:45 AM): like....i think the idea of a hipster is wack.....
RC (8:55:02 AM): cuz hip hop to me was never enjoyable through sum1's fashion, I mean, yea it was cool, like "Damn, check out that fit"...but that had nuthing to do with Talent.....
def (8:55:11 AM): yeeeea I feel i am the old version of the hippy
def (8:55:17 AM): in hip hop there should be a world 4 that state of being right?
def (8:55:29 AM): riiight
def (8:55:43 AM): and even if thats the case my fashion isnt in my music
def (8:55:58 AM): fashion is just what I naturally like... I like me! thats whats its about you! not whats Hip.. and dont you have to be hip 2 be a Hipster? hahahahaha
RC (8:59:00 AM): yea,lol like, Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, Jungle brothers....they werent talkin bout fashion
RC(8:59:05 AM): They were hippies
RC(8:59:14 AM): because the way music was back then
RC(8:59:22 AM): they were breathing life
RC (8:59:25 AM): happiness
def (8:59:43 AM): I just think there more interesting things to write about.... if only you could pick out an outfit and transform into that. You can buy clothes but you cant buy taste..i just want em to buy my music ha!
RC (9:00:56 AM): Like to me, its a wack lane.....because, with the right amount of money, anyone can learn fashion
def (9:01:18 AM): dont let a blog tell you how 2 dress...
RC (9:01:21 AM): U cant learn talent

- R.C. & Def

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jessloveLA said...

you aint artsier than me..
cuz you chop up breaks and dig in the crates...

..this is my shiiit!!