Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SUS Men of Today

Real Chance of Finally Coming OUT(Not likely)

Ok so these guys are ultra SUS.Where do i begin? ok...
1.the eye liner-they have more make-up then i do.
2.Real has on Aaliyahs doo.Come on Real get original.
3.Dude has a Poke-a-Dot scarf around his head.
4.Poke-a-Dot mans(sounds like a superhero)hair reminds me of that MC lite video.it shouldn't.
5.Their griping each other.
6.Dont men refer to women as stallions? "Too hot to trot"
7.They have on so much clothing, lady clothing.once again,come one guys what is the deal.SUUUS
These guys are NOT brothers folks.You wonder why Chance couldn't choose,he doesn't like the gine! the proof is available.Watch as Real makes his decision he looks at Chance, The were about to come out to America but Real clammed up.He left it up to RAAD to tell you the truth.So here it is, their gay.Everything would be just fine if they stopped faking.How many lady hearts need to be shredded Stallionaires? Who the hell is this Poke-a-dot man? does anyone know?
If i go on this will be too long of a post.So feel free to play "Spot the SUS," your comments could enlighten the world.Click to enlarge!

Dont they mean Does He love me?
Give their song "Does She Love Me" a listen or 5

oh yeah...their dating.

Check out their myspace page 4 more susness HERE

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