Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Notorious Review

Before I saw this movie
I knew what I was getting myself into
so I really can only be mad @ myself.
Christopher Wallace has a great story
so you really have to go out of your way to make it this bad.
This movie feels like Puff and B.I.G.'s mom both ran out
of unreleased songs to leak of Biggie and needed a new way
to profit from his untimely death.
Proceeding on into the actual review
The Pro's are The music through out the movie is classic,
Gravy does a decent job of playing B.I.G.,
Biggie is shown as a very human character a side you dont hear much
about, It makes you really want to go back and listen to old B.I.G. records, and the end you are reminded just how much his death was so untimely,
and the effect it had on music and the world at that time.
The Cons are the dialogue (but maybe it wasnt good in real life either),
The Editing everything just SUDDENLY happened... Sometimes you didnt know what day it was was it all in the same day or what?
AND the CASTING was extra horrible!
The concept must have been lets get people who dont look like anyone they are playing!!!
Starting with Lil Cease the kid form the Hp commercials must have Webster
disease cuz I have no idea how old his is he doesnt seem old enough 2 watch this movie much less be in it. Next the girl they had play Lil Kim actually looked like her and they made her character look like a sperm dumpster but on the other hand if you have ever had to have your stomach pumped from swallowing to much sperm then this movies portrayal of her miiight just be spot on.
This movie consists of classic lines such as
BIG:Hey big mama you wanna go get something to eat?
Kim: Smiles
INSTANTLY cut 2 the next scene
Kim is having sex with BIG.
Aaaaand scene.
Back to the casting Angela Bassett as BIG's mom
is flattering and sus but kinda works cuz you have no choice while watching it.
the woman who played Faith looked like Faith
she looked like an angel the entire movie
Maybe she was who knows?
Derek Luke as Puffy Hmmmmm I think Derek is a great actor and Diddy knew that
so he was like fuck it I want my favorite actor to play me
cuz I'm tight
but I am sure after he saw this movie even he realizes how much of a clown he is.
Like "Damn even Derek Luke cant make me look cool?"
Good job bringing that to light Derek.
"Take that!"
The guy who played Suge fumbled the Source awards speech lines a bit also looked like some random dude who pushes a Navigator and goes to 2 Ladera Center to pick up chicks.
And last stop on the casting is thee worst idea in the history of ideas
Anthony Mackie as Tupac.
He was thee most bothersome character in the movie.
They made it seem like he was Biggies only real friend outside of Bad Boy artists
(where was Jay-Z, The Lox, 112 and even Method Man?).
Pac in this film looks like an ignorant bafoon who gets deep suddenly and speaks of revolution every once in a while.
I think Diddy portrayed him that way because thats what he saw him as.
A thorn in his side with a loud mouth.
Lastly Mackie looks nothing like Pac they should have just stopped production until they found someone who could pull this role off.
Mackie loses.
I said the words "This is sus" in the theatre every 10 minutes or so.
This movie is a good to two kinds of people
the casual listener who has never really listened or got into Biggie
A die hard Biggie fan who really just thinks anything with Biggies name on it can do no wrong and just wanted to see a movie about his life.
I for one thought it was a bad film with a good story.
Not Epic...
This isnt a film I can give away the ending to so go see it to own your own opinion.
And on that note
Voice on the phone: We gonna kill you you fat muthafucka!
BIG: Who he fuck is this?
Voice on the phone: West Coast muthafucka!
When an entire coast calls you
you better take heed.

Sorry the movie made me do it.
R.I.P. B.I.G.

I will leave you with my favorite Biggie Video

I would much rather remember him this way.


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