Monday, January 5, 2009

Introducing Mr.Percival Fats.

Accent or no accent Lupe kills this with his new British band "Japanese Cartoon" where he will be known as Percival Fats (Where's the CRS album???). I am digging these tunes its actually something new and fresh with content..I can hear the UNKLE influence all over these joints. This is the kind of timely innovation I am talking about when I say Lupe is an artists artist. I feel even if LUPEnd is his last 3 albums @ once he will never stop reinventing himself his work will just be done as a solo Hip Hop artist... I feel he has given us enough slept on material in a short amount of time we wont get for a decade or so for one genre. He's a man on a mission. More artists need missions.

"Heiroplanes" Download Link:

"Army" Download Link:

Innovation: 4.7
Genre: For The Zig Zags....Rock with a lil bit Rolllllll

He said "We're Ordinary from the super but we are high, you can kill them or destroy them heres your pistol or your poison please decide, become heiroplanes flyin under the ground, fireworks that dont make a sooooooounddddd"



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