Friday, January 23, 2009

"The Same Project.The Mixtape."/Things You Do

*Clears throat*
I have an announcement to make
Since enrolling in school 4 music
I have had a musical reawakening
I am a man on a mission
I am in school to get my degree and create, record and produce
an entire next project in hopes of introducing mysef and the world 2 a new sub genre.
of what?
That has yet to reveal itself
But once it has it will be unveiled on my next LP "Anything."
Which may take years to complete correctly.
I also was recording such a new sound I got excited about the new album
without finishing the promotion of "Something."
(Which was my first complete album available via iTunes and my blog for free download)
I was wondering what will I do with the incomplete rough drafts
I have been sending out?
Scrap them?
Use them.
But how??
All these songs I have sent out (if you are on my on my Def's 1st & 15th e-mailing list, A thank you to all that listened)
You know are alllllll unmixed rough drafts (recorded from June-Oct of 08)
emailing my own songs was meant to keep people awake to my growth
and for blogs to post and see where I am taking it
Just leaking my own songs basically
well I am done sending out incomplete product
The reason most of these songs are incomplete is honestly because I am waiting to re record them depending on someone else to press the record button or call me back or track things out or 2 just finish the song or email me a mixed version.
Obviously no one will care as much about your career as yourself.
So I am in school learning to do it MYSELF.
Whatever the case is I feel its wrong to continue sending these songs out
it isnt fair to the people and it isnt fair to the music.
I need to take my time and cater to those watching and listening
not worry about those who arent which is why I have this blog up and running...
Anyway no more free emailed songs enjoy them while they lasted.
With all this material
I do plan on releasing a mixtape or joint project (with Belvi & R.C.)
called "The Same Project.The Mixtape."
or "The Same Mixtape. The Mixtape."
Which I thought was funny conceptually
because everyone is soooooo different nowadays
they are exactly the same.
Everyone assumes all rappers are this or that
all black people think this or dont think at all
all bloggers repost this repost that
you know what
every assumption made is based upon an actual fact
my mixtapes concept is to say yea
You are right
We are all The Same.
We are driven by the Same thing the desire to live comfortably.
However that maybe, it involves a home, eating, money and love (in some form)
I mean the simple fact I am dropping a "mixtape"
tells you I am the same right??
Why try hard to make something sooooo different when it will just be received the same?
All my songs are the same I am done lying to you.
They are all good.
hahahaha jk
No really though
We all want to be different but desire a little of the Same we all love and are familiar with.
A Mixtape allows you to be a little irresponsible and more free
Because its not an album.
But I am approaching it the same as an album.... "The Same"
So is it another album?
or another mixtape?
Its all the Same.
Its all music.
Its like dont you hate when your favorite artists change??
So why not keep it The Same?
So i want to say this project is the Same as everything I do.
Its different.
Only thing the Same in life is change.
Remember no idea is original. (But the phrasing can be)
And neither is the idea of making a mixtape
with songs you already have and starting with a clean slate with a new genre with my next album.
And just for kicks all the tracks on the mixtape will be original tracks.
I know I shouldn't do this buuut I wanted to release thee LAST incomplete song I am self leaking its called "Things You Do" (written and produced by Kev Moore and Myself)
Pardon the lack of the ability to actually sing
and non use of Auto Tune and the no mix at all
no more disclaimers.....
"The Same Project. The Mixtape" Coming When its DONE!!!

Download & Listen to Things You Do


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