Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Notes About Something Entry II: Welcome 2 Tomorrow.

Continuing in the journal about Something we have another song Welcome 2 Tomorrow enjoy the play by play....

2. Welcome 2 Tomorrow
I started writing this song with the beat on repeat to myself the night my California Drivers License was taken from me in a hotel room in San Diego round 4 am. (That is an epic trilogy of a story for another blog) Welcome 2 Tomorrow is my life mantra in song form. I decided if I were 2 ever label myself with a label or name of my music imprint I want to use as the vehicle to put out my music I would call it Tomorrow’s Music Group and this right here is the anthem! A song that could actually give me a sense of hope through everything I was going through if I just said it and believed it. This baby was born in the last session with R.C. before I completed “Something.” He gave me beats for the very next album titled “Anything.” I was going for a bigger sound and he delivered without postage! But the more I played this beat originally called “She’s A Winner” I knew I couldn’t just leave this song for another project. The keys and synth’s screamed Now! By this time in the recoding process my engineer Mat was like "NO MORE NEW SONGS!!!" I had 2 beg for this one to be recorded because every session I came in I was like on I got the VERY last song that album needs and May was a week away.

I approached each verse as this new time zone or period in my life’s journey like the first verse starts with the words “Yesterday, I did it for the love like tennis” and I talk about my humble beginnings and past hiding from my parents the fact that I rapped because growing up rap wasn’t even allowed in my house I had 2 sneak tapes that I would dub off the radio when they weren’t home. When I did play music loudly it was oldies or alternative or 80’s rock and gospel so that’s what I more so grew up on. I was a late bloomer into Hip Hop but I always knew I loved it. The second verse is more about the present hope I am feeling so I start it out with “Today, I let the sunshine kiss my face…” and that verse was just where I was at that very day and moment. Lastly I didn’t just want to rap just another verse I wanted to speak as tomorrow it self talking to myself. I was inspired to do an “Umi Says” style 16 bar chant of hope and dedication filled with metaphors and literals. I wanted to have it be something stadiums full of people look to the sky and say it and feel it and remember. If the album was a new home this was the albums welcome mat and we do it Japanese style over here holmes take them kicks off, aaaand you are Welcome!

Experience "Welcome 2 Tomorrow" (prod. by R.C.)

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i love your music.your so amaizing.