Thursday, January 22, 2009

History Happens In Lego Land

One word
More words:
This caught my eye on the broccoli city blog
As a kid my parents NEVER bought me a video game system
sooooo this post instantly sparked my interest
Lego's were my shit before pogs! (I know you remember those)



judy holiday said...

shit IS fresh. still aint been to legoland, son.
field trip?

annnnnnnnnnnd why at a yard sale a month or so ago i almost bought this lady's pog collection!?!?!? breaker...she ain't had no slammers.
thas' some bullshit.

pogs...shall live on.

A Guy Called Def said...

4ever and EVER!!
I hear legoland is expensive..
Its been since August I havent bought kicks (on some birthday present to myself type shit) thats when u know its a recession yes?