Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Will Smith Become an Actor

"How come he don't want me man?"


Go ahead pretend you got something in your eye...
aint nobody crying over here!!
This scene defined him as the man.
From rapper to actor dude made thee smoothest transition ever..
If you had 2 pinpoint it this was the scene that did it!
I knew this was a powerful scene cuz I could feel it at such a young
As a young man who came up with a father present
I felt this scene for my nephew
and for every fatherless child
made me thankful to have one.
Will is "On."
Fresh Prince was my generations Cosby's
Where are all the good black sitcoms?


1 comment:

SydniMichael said...

mmm... this shit hits me EVERY time.

good question... where are all the good black sitcoms?
ooh yea... they've been trampled by corny "reality" shows