Friday, January 30, 2009

Music 2 Your Eyes: Kanye West - All Falls Down.

"They Made us hate ourselves
and love they wealth..."


Song full of honestly
One of thee best most inspiring Hip Hop vid's you will see
I am sure we all miss this brand of Mr. West
I enjoy his growth but this song meant so much 2 so many..
I mean the original he sampled from Lauryn Hill was amazing so he had no choice!
This Chris Milk project needs no explaining but it does what a video should
makes you understand the song even more with each of your senses...
The entire vid from his perspective makes me jealous I dont have a video budget
and I want art to get back 2 that
make some dope shit that just makes everyone jealous
instead we are ok with just doing enough so that people can say we existed...
Being "on" is enough right now.
Its a drought
I respect Kanye for pushing the envelope and bringing honestly and being yourself back like it never left.
Because it never did.


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