Monday, January 19, 2009

Peace & Love

In celebration of Martin's Birth we signify the significance of Coretta in celebrate what his life mission stood for:
Peace and Love.
This photo is worth 8 trillion words... But I will only write a few,
It represents something we are missing today.
I say 09 is the year the black family makes a come back!
In the name of Obama hahahahahahaha no but really beside every strong man should be his woman. Behind every racist and hateful act is fear which is the opposite of love. Fear isnt something we are born with, we limit ourselves because we fear what is unknown, we hate, we loath, we envy all ingoring that love is the cure for all that ails us.
So lets love like our lives depend on it because it does. We are the closest generation to living the dream Martin spoke of.
The power of words we speak tomorrows into existence who will be the next voice??

Until then I'll let Stevie sing it for me


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