Monday, January 19, 2009

The Best Accidents!

Happen when you Least expect them!!!
I was moving my dads car out the drive way
when this smash remix of a remix comes on KCRW
I have no clue what it is and who sings this song
but I instantly start singing along
I put it in park hop out the car
ask my pop whats the web address pops up and I find it !!!!
He's like "You like Frankie Valli?"
I told him if all his songs feel and sound like this
than YES
Although I am suuuure a black man with substantial amounts of more soul
wrote and played this song
How often have you heard an awesome song on the radio
only to never know its name??????
So after playing it on repeat for about 12 times I am posting it
and letting you know I will be re doing and covering this song
on my next release "Anything."




Eden said...

he definitely stole this from a black man. DEFINITELY. I dig.

Cass said...

I absoulutly love it, but it is stolen. I can;t 4 the life of me remember from who tho. This song was in the incredibly star studded Adidas commercial 2.