Thursday, January 29, 2009

Music 2 Your Eyes: Kenna - Hell Bent

Awesome animated picture by the faceless Ethiopian-born wonder Kenna
From his first album New Sacred Cow back in 2003 produced by Chad Hugo (the other guy in the Neptune's lol)
this video is the story of many looking to manufacture happiness in a box and sell it
but how unhappy are the people who make the so called "happiness" truly are.....
Much like the artists of today look unhappy your favorite artists are
fame and all... And maybe the merry-go-round is the sience of daily cycle of bliss we get from that happiness high...
and maybe the studio being the happy factory is much like how we work our lives for in the factory expressing and creating out of an unsatisfaction (because if we were satisfied why make more??)
in order to make others happy, take em to a new place they never knew existed, dance, nod their heads, and tell our stories and they buy it cuz they relate depending on why or how you do it..
Some learn how 2 improve that Happiness.
I guess it all boils down to your own pursuit of happiness.
Or ignorance... Because thats whats Bliss is right??

to quote myself "There was no money but we were never poor
live by the motto believe theres always more."


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