Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama x Daft Punk = You Are Correct!!

With Presidential Inauguration taking place today the duo of GOLD gives us a look into their new stop motion music video featuring a remix of Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” by Adam Freeland. Making for quite an interesting watch, we get a glimpse of Kubrick toys, Bill McMullen, and Dalek not to mention various cameos by the President himself... Now 2 sip a sentence @ the side bar I was listening to KCRW and Penny Wilson inspired me with these words "We are who we have been waiting for! This generation ushered in change. If you look on a tombstone you will see three things the date a person was born a dash and the date they die. Birth and death are certain, the most important thing on that tombstone is that dash. What will you do with your dash??"
For the record I am joyful for the Hope and change he represents
but honestly I trust no politician
It all seems to good to be true
most of the time it aint.
No matter who is president we arent.
We as a people need to get our thang together.
On our own.
You read it here first.


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whatsahipster? said...

def your so great.everything you say is so real.why wont you talk to me?i know you read my comments.is it because of her?i would do anything you say.aaannnythang!she doesnt deserve you. no one does but me. just...hit me back this time.
i love you