Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"On" Radio: K-Os - Astronaut from The "YES" Album

A lesser known fact is K-Os is my hero.
An artists artist
He NEVER disappoints
Since his first album Exit (which was supposed 2 be his last thank God it wasnt)
His music is soooo ahead of its time
album for album each stands on its own and never stands still
his self produced music
is exquisite to say the least
but @ least I said it!
This Canada native fuses Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop,Dance hall,
B boying, rapping and singing it all sooo well you are not sure
which is better
now with a new album on its way called "YES!"
I cant say no to posting the first single "Astronaut"
incredible genre bending banger once more

Download Astronaut Here

*Yaaawn* and if your still sleeping
Also Peep Man I Used To Be/Born 2 Run the vid from his last albums "Joyful Rebllion and Atlantis"



Eden said...

K-os wins. Thus, I win for loving him. Everyone else should be winners too.

Eden said...

oh and another thing, this should be a memo to most of you artists out there to make better music...