Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Music 2 Your Eyes: Kanye West Streetlights (Fan made Vid)

K.West - SL from J Gavin on Vimeo.

Most people either love or hate 808's & Heartbreak
I honestly like the album
its human
granted not his best work
and the musics not 4 everybody
and I am not everybody
I am me
I think its very moody music
and my favorite song just sooo happens 2 be Streetlights
As a night life liver myself
I can imagine a better vid for this but yet still this is interesting
enough 2 post
whats with the rainbow colored Zebra??



1 comment:

Eden said...

interesting. yeah the zebra totally tripped me out. i don't know yet how i feel about this video but I was intrigued