Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here We Go Again! (or for the first time)

"I aint playing I should tell ya momma on youuuu WHO ELSE?? Sasha and Melia, Tavis Smiley Tasha on ya YEEEEEAAA"


Three-1-Zero and Overdose showed me this youtube a minute ago
I didnt know what to do with myself.
This gifted Homeless beat boxer Red blew my mind with just his vocals
someone needs 2 put some ink on the dotted line with him
G Funks West Kept Secret. I guess that I just leaked it!


1 comment:

judy holiday said...

wtf kinda spy cam through a gate shit? who stalks hobos?

he holdin hands wit snoop dog? in a benz? wtf?

coco? melaysia?
he know who he gon' tell....a whole 3 minutes of muhfuckas....but aint a damn clue wtf he gon' tell him...

who buyin' this redbone nigga nikes? melaysia? who knows someone named melaysia anyway?

i'm all kinds of head hurts i kept turning my head from side to side trying to comprehend...thinking the answer might be to the right side...then the left...and in the end...nothing!