Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just In Case You Forgot!!

Where the album Roy?
I think the facial expressions are priceless.

"Ya'll Must've Forgot
I got disqualified in March of 97
After giving a whooping to Montell Griffin...
And they got the nerve to say I ain't fight nobody
I just make'em look like nobody"


Word. Thanks Roy My memory needed this reminder...


1 comment:

Baybee Talk said...

it's funny how dated this video looks. it's only like 5 years old i believe.
hey, i've got a game: talk about all the random stuff you've done and then shout "y'all musta forgot!"
ie. "i write a blog called Zig Zags Stripes Plaids where I talk about Roy Jones and other fads...YALL MUSTA FORGOT"
"this morning I had coffee, black with no cream...i like it strong, knamean!? YALL MUSTA FORGOT!"