Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still Lookin' Poem.

This is a poem I wrote for Dom Kennedy's project for a song called "Still Lookin'" but it didnt make the album sooooo it made the blog ha!
Heres the text to the poem about finding a girl who refuses to be found
therefore I'm still looking to be found

"In front of standing ovations muted
we danced the dance of left footers
the wall flowers
conversation tickling where where even our where abouts werent awhere about
she drowned me where waters never reached deep enough
I dove into
So into you
like intimate interviews
yet you were the question mark
no explanations
only exclamations
left me like a comma

Left me lower than expectations
of the unexpected
you were suspect like I first suspected
like who done its
when you did
I'm still looking through eye lids
sewn shut with lies that lied above eye lashes
can you hear me?
anywhere on this earths axis
tilt my way
scales out weighed what you meant 2 me
like what u mean 2 me are the things that made dictionaries need redefining
so fuck looking I'll let you find me"

Download it HERE


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